About RadicalX

Together, we can challenge what’s possible in the world.

We’re driven by the shared mission to provide 1+ Billion students and early career professionals in the world the opportunity to develop their dream career in the innovation economy without barriers like location, prior experience, or socio-economic background being an obstacle.

Our Story

Accelerating economic mobility and eliminating unemployment

There is an incredible gap between the world of learning & work. RadicalX started with the belief that technology has the potential to bridge this opportunity gap and accelerate economic mobility by enabling anyone to launch and develop a career from anywhere.

Our Mission

Training the global workforce in the careers of the future

Today’s complex, global economy requires a skilled workforce that can leverage digital skills to fuel success. Due to the fourth industrial revolution and COVID-19, the digital era is rapidly accelerating. Cultivating digital talent globally is a surefire strategy to ensure that all individuals, communities and nations equally enjoy the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution unlike the TIR and SIR which created more inequities than economic prosperity.

Our Purpose

Ensuring everyone has equal access to meaningful careers

We propel the world's workforce towards their aspirations and goals. By providing the guidance, learning, and industry experience they need, we help them to not only understand what career opportunities are available in the innovation economy but also discover the most innovative global companies so they can join great teams to build a better future together.

Our Belief

Transforming opportunity into results

We believe that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not and everyone is driven by an innate desire to learn and grow. By equipping people with in-demand skills, we can help them redefine their careers, their companies, and their industries. We believe that if leading companies, academic institutions and governmental organizations collaborate we can push the limits of what’s possible globally.

Our Vision

Developing a globally competitive tech talent pipeline

We envision a future where anyone, anywhere, at anytime of their career is able to get today’s most in-demand skills and real-world experience they need to start their dream career without barriers like price, location, prior experience, or socio-economic background being an obstacle. One where untapped diverse talent is seen as a sustainable competitive advantage to propel the global economy.

We’re on a mission to help you accomplish yours

We are on a mission to train the global workforce in the careers of the future and empower everyone to discover their dream career for free by democratizing opportunity. We partner with leading technology companies to understand present and future digital skills gaps, and develop experiential programs in careers that companies are looking for in their workforce.

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